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Top: Tony Bramwell "Top of The Pops" 1965

Right: Watching The Beatles LIVE on stage in 1965

Tony Bramwell grew up in Liverpool with Beatles George, Paul, and John. His life became intertwined with The Beatles, first working for Brian Epstein at N.E.M.S. and then for The Beatles at Apple, heading Apple Films, then later as the CEO of Apple Records. After the Beatles split, he became the United Kingdom's first independent record promoter, representing artists including Bruce Springsteen and coordinating and promoting music for films including Harry Saltzmann's James Bonds (including Paul McCartney's Live and Let Die) and Chariots of Fire, Dirty Dancing, and Ghost. He released his memoir on the Fab Four called MAGICAL MYSTERY TOURS-MY LIFE WITH THE BEATLES, which has become one of the most popular books amongst all fans and followers. Tony Bramwell is "The Authority" of All things Beatles, and much more.

Welcome to the Official Tony Bramwell Website

Tony Bramwell was best friends with George Harrison as a child and they used to see Paul McCartney at weekends. He was there when Paul first met John Lennon and when they played together for the first time. Tony became the Beatles Tour Manager by chance after meeting his old pal George Harrison on the Number 61 bus on the way to the Beatles first gig after they came back from Hamburg and offering to carry his guitar in to get in for free. After doing this a few times John Lennon said to him "If you're carrying George's you can carry mine too". "Mine as well" Paul McCartney said. When Brian Epstein became their manager he offered Tony a job at NEMS full time. Tony almost turned it down as he had a good job at Ford's as a clerk. Said Tony "I would have retired last year from Ford's if I had said 'no' and got my gold watch - and missed the wild ride I had with The Beatles".

Tony pioneered and revolutionized pop videos. As The Beatles got lots of requests to appear and it was difficult for them to go out anyway. The first pop videos like I Feel Fine, Help! Day Tripper and We can Work It Out cost approximately £200 to make and they were told they had overspent. Later on when they spent £700 making the video for Strawberry Fields Forever, they were told they had gone right over the top. Today these classic gems are historically important and socially relevant pieces of POP ART and are priceless!

Aside from being Brian Epstein's righthand man, he also was gifted in discovering "New Talent." He discovered James Taylor and Queen. In later years he discovered Eva Cassidy who sold 7m albums after her death. A film is to be made of her life with Nicole Kidman as Eva Cassidy and Bill Nighe as Tony. Robert Redford will be the Producer and his daughter will be Director

Brian Epstein owned the Saville Theatre in Piccadilly in London and put Tony in charge of theatre as as booking the musical acts for it. Tony put on Jimi Hendrix's first ever UK gig on - before he was famous in either the US or UK. The gig was a huge success and made Hendrix a huge name. His manager Chas Chandler (ex of The Animals) was a good friend of Tony's. While he was there, Tony, John and Paul took Jimi to the Cromwellian where Cream were playing. When Eric Clapton took a break, Jimi asked for a shot of his guitar. Even though as a left hander he was playing backwards and upside down, Hendrix blew them off the stage. In the days following the release of The Beatles, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. Jimi performed the title track on stage in front of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Eric Clapton. After the number Jimi asked Eric to please come up and tune his Fender Stratocaster for him. It was reported by Paul McCartney, in a recent interview, that "Eric just sunk down in his seat and hid."

When the Saville Theatre (which was also used for recording) was being knocked down Tony was passing by and saw a whole load of tapes on a skip. He went inside and asked the workers about them. The workers said they sent the ones they knew to the artists they knew and then threw the rest out. Included there were tapes of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix etc. Tony took them home with him and, as he knew the guys, gave the tapes to them. Many of the tracks have now been used in subsequent CDs and even films. Tony gave the Hendrix tapes to Chas Chandler Hendrix's manager, who died soon after, so Tony doesn't know what happened to them. However, he said that there were many tracks that he didn't recognise - so out there are tapes with mainly unreleased material from Hendrix.

In 1968 Tony headed up Apple Films as part of The Beatles Apple Corps. Ltd. To promote Apple Records, Tony made the one and only promotional film for Apple that features some brilliant footage of Paul McCartney recording "Blackbird" at EMI Studios in 1968. Tony is also responsible for all of the promotional films (videos) that were made to promote all the other Apple artists such as Badfinger, James Taylor, Mary Hopkin, and so on. In addition he did all of The Beatles videos, including, Hey Jude and Revolution from the David Frost Show. All of The Beatles promo films were made by Tony Bramwell. When The Beatles broke up Tony continued to make film with them individually, including films by John and Yoko! Tony went on to become the CEO of Apple Records, and as he put it they sold
bucketfuls of records worldwide."

After leaving Apple he went on to join Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Brocolli in making the James Bond movies that would feature the the new James Bond, Roger Moore. The first film Tony began work on was 007's LIVE AND LET DIE. Seeing the musical potential of the film, he went round to his old friend Paul McCartney, who was in need of a hit record with his newly formed band Wings, Paul didn't jump at the opportunity but after a few days he produced a demo for the title song and it was immediately accepted. It was through Tony that Paul got this amazing opportunity and produced a song that has become iconic with James Bond 007 and a number that is a fan favorite that Paul continues to perform in all of his Live concerts.

On the music side he joined Polydor Records which he had Slade, The Bee Gees, The Jam and Roxy Music (with Brian Ferry and Brian Eno) in his stable of artists. He also played a significant role in the release of the worldwide blockbuster hit movies, "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER" and "GREASE" while with Robert Stigwood.

Tony is a good friend of Bruce Springsteen's who he knew before he was famous. In fact Springsteen stays at Tony's house when in the UK and Tony stays at his house when he is in New Jersey.

The cover of Tony's incredible book boasts a quote by Sir Paul McCartney. This historic quote came about in 2004, when Donovan was asking Paul McCartney for information about the Beatles for a book he was writing, Paul McCartney told him "You'd be better to ask Tony Bramwell. He remembers it all better than I do". Tony book is titled "Magical Mystery Tours: My Life With the Beatles". The book is jammed packed with some of the greatest stories from the "inner circle" of The Beatles and the music and film industries.

Magical Mystery Tours (My Life With The Beatles) It is a delightful read and you just might walk away being a little Beatles expert, but you will always have to turn to "The Authority" Tony Bramwell for the full story.

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The Apple Exec's 1968 with Apple Artist, Mary Hopkin
"Those Were The Days"

Tony Bramwell 2012
Hosted of his own radio show

John Lennon & Tony Bramwell 1967
EMI Studios, Abbey Road

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